database/xtrabackup: update to 2.4.21


database/xtrabackup: update to 2.4.21

New Features

  • PXB-2112: xbcloud: support storage_class option with storage=s3 (Thanks to user rluisr for reporting this issue)


  • PXB-2254: Redesign "lock-ddl-per-table"
  • PXB-2252: Introduce debug option to print the redo log records scanned and applied

Bugs Fixed

  • PXB-793: Fix syntax error when executing lock-ddl-per-table queries
  • PXB-2165: Modify xbcloud to store backups using s3 access key parameters if AWS access key env variables are set
  • PXB-2164: Modify xbcloud to return the error when the backup doesn`t exist in s3 bucket
  • PXB-953: Improve stdout for the end of usage of lock-ddl-per-table
  • PXB-2279: Xbcloud: Upload failed: backup is incomplete (Thanks to user mrmainnet for reporting this issue)
  • PXB-2127: Modify xbcloud to upload backups with empty database to min.io storage (Thanks to user hartland for reporting this issue)
  • PXB-2275: Modify backup processing to add validations if an encrypted table is created
  • PXB-2272: Fixed Regexp from is_tmp_table doesn`t account for all temporary tables
  • PXB-2257: fixed lock-ddl-per-table to properly close database connection
  • PXB-2249: Verify perl binary exists before completing version check
  • PXB-2239: Partitioned table is not restored correctly when partitions are changed during backup
  • PXB-2238: Provide binary tarball with shared libs and glibc suffix & minimal tarballs
  • PXB-2216: Verify encryption version when opening tables to avoid changing encryption version
  • PXB-2202: Modify Xbcloud to display an error when xtrabackup fails to create a backup
  • PXB-2198: Modify xbcloud delete to return the error when the backup doesn`t exist in s3 bucket

Approved by: krion
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D28116


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